I'm Wilbur" DJ Scott" Jarratt. DJ of Ask Variety Radio on the Live 365 App. My partner and Wife Ashley" Lady Ash" Jarratt is my sidekick. We play a big variety of music. Hip-Hop, Country old and new, Pop, Rock n Roll. Also heavy metal. You can find my station on Google App and App store under Live 365. Then search Ask Variety Radio. We're also on Live 365 with smart TV. When searching my station it's under the word Variety. I hope you get to listen. We are on Auto DJ 24/7. We do have event prerecorded just stay tuned. More to come. If you have any questions about our station submit an email address and leave a small detailed message. We'll get with you. The Submission is under my web pages.

DJ Scott and Lady Ash. Owners of K Variety.